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Transitioned from working at the office to working from home? This pandemic has changed the definitive work from office culture. Working from home sure is a relaxing and pleasant experience. But you can end up in the abyss of unproductiveness if you don’t do things right. There are certain things you need to keep in mind to make work from home more enjoyable and productive.

Working from home can be as flexible as you want it to be, but there must be a definite workspace, time table, and norms you should follow. Though it seems minor, it can affect your work productivity, concentration, and performance. Since you’re going to spend a decent amount of time working from home, even the minute details should be taken in for significant consideration.

Dedicated Workspace

Moving around your stuff and doing your work or crouched in a bed with your laptop and working? It could come off as leisure for a day or two, but you will need a dedicated workspace in the long run. With our spacious apartments, you will have ample space to create a ‘small office in the living room’ according to your needs. Look for a space in your apartment where you can be comfortable and concentrate on the work. Utilize that extra space and get yourself going!


The lighting quality at your workspace is an essential factor as it can affect your mood and well-being. The Residence apartments are adorned with windows where ample lighting enters; it is the ideal spot for you to bask with the positivity and vitamins besides working.
light work from home

Work Desk

You’re going to be glued to your desk for most of the day; therefore, it is crucial to organize and enhance it with extra accessories that compliment your personality and mind. An appealing desk would make your long working hours less burdensome and reduce stress. One should be mindful of their posture while they work. Right posture will help keep bones and joints in straight alignment, ensuring the muscles are used effectively.

Taking Breaks at Work

Sitting at the desk and working for long hours can be tedious. Once you reach the threshold, the productivity starts diminishing. Hence, it’s necessary to get away from your desk every once and refresh your mind. Once you start feeling worn out, get up, take a stroll in the garden, go to the balcony, and fill yourself with aesthetic nature.
balcony for taking breaks

Exercise and Meditation

We are most productive when our body and mind are at ease. Working for a long stretch can take a toll on your physical as well as mental health.
With our well-equipped gymnasium, you will never have to worry about keeping yourself fit. You can take a stroll in our garden whenever you want to take your mind off from your work or relax and meditate.
the residence gymnasium
exercise for health

Engage in Fun Activities

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. All cooped up in your workspace? Rejuvenate yourself by engaging in outdoor games like cricket, badminton, squash, basketball, and even shooting all in one place. The Residence has different courts for all these games and sports, making sure you don’t compromise with your skills and fun.

You can imply that your surroundings play a major role in your work life. These are just some of the requisites for optimum productivity and good work from home lifestyle. Work-life dominates the major part of one’s life, and The Residence makes sure you relish it rather than endure it.

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