Are you looking for the most preferred location for a home in Indore? Well, you are in the right place now because we show you the best residential townships in Indore at the best locations for the home, which you’ll be going to love.

The Home Everyone Love

Loving the place where nature is holding your hand is The Residence township, Indore. Because when you want to buy a home, you are always specific about the area and the location, so we are!! We always take care of the best home locations near Indore and show you the luxurious apartments in Indore, and “The Residence” is the place where you will feel you!

“The Residence” is the most premium residential township of Indore, where you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats, surrounded by nature. We build luxury flats in Indore to give you a healthy and premium lifestyle environment.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and explore the luxurious lifestyle at The Residence township! You will find all types of top-class amenities here to make your life easier and more comfortable. Everything is nearby, from schools to hospitals, so you don’t have to worry about anything else except living a happy life. We provide high-quality construction and beautiful landscapes to give our residents an unmatched experience. So, book your luxury 4 bhk flat in Indore and be a part of this wonderful community!

What makes The Residence such a desirable township to live in?

Mentioned key features set “The Residence” as the best township in Indore and apart from other townships because of its:

Airy homes with ample ventilation and natural light

Overall, you will feel better if you live in a home with plenty of natural light and fresh air. As a result, you’ll feel more energised, and you’ll be less prone to illness. You’ll also be able to spend more time outside, which is good for your body and mind.

If you plan to buy a luxury bungalow in Indore, you may not find all the desired amenities. However, even constructing some extra amenities will cost you compromised space, so opting for a top luxury apartment in Indore is the best option. The Residence has built luxury flats in Indore. We have worked hard to create the ideal and desirable home, complete with an infinity pool, mini theatre, automatic car wash, large park area, laundromat, and other amenities.

Assume you are looking for luxury villas in Indore. In that case, you should come to our luxury township, The Residence, which is superior to any individual home due to its perfect location and top-class amenities.

Elegant and contemporary design.

While contemporary interiors are generally perceived as chilly and minimalist, modern-day interiors in contemporary homes are warm and alluring without being cluttered or dark. Today’s contemporary style works well in businesses, stores, loft apartments, and classic residences. And by keeping all these points, we built luxury flats in Indore and gave your home a classic and modern look.

Top Class Amenities

We can no longer take the pleasures of going for a walk outside or going to the gym for granted. However, there has never been a greater need to get some fresh air and stay fit.

Residential luxury properties in Indore with good amenities, including world-class amenities such as Infinity Pool, Automatic Car Wash, Laundromat, are considered essentials today. However, no one goes through the trouble of constructing such amenities for their homes.

All of the facilities and amenities you would expect are included in these premium apartments, such as clubhouse, fully equipped gymnasium, children’s play area, swimming pool, secure car spaces, badminton courts, skating track, and indoor game rooms. In addition, people can use multipurpose halls for social events and family functions, allowing them to stay connected to their neighbours.

Agrawal Public School and the passport office are two of the most important nearby locations. Furthermore, it is a developing area where you will find all facilities close to your home.

Space: Residences are no longer just gathering places for families in the evenings and on holidays. They’ve been transformed into meeting rooms, classrooms, and even activity centres! The shift to the virtual realm of learning and commerce has necessitated more.

Space for family: There is plenty of room for large and small families. The need for privacy, as well as physical and mental capacity, has never been greater. Not only are families looking for larger homes, but also for homes that appear and feel more spacious.


Extensive road and rail networks connect all city areas, making it easy to get around. This is highly beneficial, as it allows residents and visitors alike to easily access all that the city has to offer.Extensive road and rail networks connect all city areas, making it easy to get around. This is highly beneficial, as it allows residents and visitors alike to easily access all that the city has to offer.


Safety and hygiene are now more than just a checklist item while looking at a place. Allowing protection for children and seniors is a growing concern among families. As a result, spaces are needed to offer better sanitation, waste management, and improved health and wellness measures. With more and more families becoming health conscious, this is considered a given when browsing homes.

Integrated living:

There is a growing preference for integrated developments that offer spacious homes surrounded by green, open spaces and provide for all necessities within the development. Newer integrated living townships are being built that include commercial and industrial zones, providing work opportunities within walking distance of home. Several of these township projects are also built closer to large industrial estates or software parks. Integrated living also provides the convenience of community living, which is especially important in these trying times.

So what are you waiting for? Come and be a part of this beautiful township at Bicholi Mardana. You will not regret it!

The Residence is the most premium residential township in Indore. It offers luxurious flats in Indore, a pollution-free and healthy environment. The primary features in the surrounding area include schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and other attractions, making it an attractive place to live. You can book your apartment immediately now by contacting us.

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