Township or Standalone Building

The decision to buy a home is not an easy one. From location to the size of the house, you need to decide everything with your family. Today, developers offer a wide range of residential places to buyers making the decision-making process all the more complex. One of the significant decisions you need to make as a buyer is between a standalone building or a township. Both of these options have their set of pros and cons. 

Depending on your priorities either of them could be the right choice for you.  Since buying a home is a significant investment, you should assess your priorities and decide the best option for yourself. You will find a range of standalone and Best Township in Indore to choose from, but first, you need to decide on the right one for you. If you are new to the real estate market, this article will help you understand the key differences between these two and help you make an informed choice.

What Is A Standalone Building?

A standalone building is an independent residential building that offers limited amenities and will fulfill your basic living requirements. These buildings are built within residential areas and are located within the city. Although you will find many standalone buildings in a cluster, they are usually not part of a society or a township. 

These buildings require lesser area and therefore are more affordable in comparison to townships. The standalone buildings are constructed in a well-established infrastructure. This means that all necessary places such as schools, banks, and hospitals will be nearby. However, you will not get any external amenities with these buildings, and constructing a standalone structure will be much faster.

How Is Township Different From Standalone Building?

Township is the term used for housing projects that are well-equipped with social infrastructure. These projects are designed to provide an exclusive living experience to residents. Unlike standalone buildings, townships include both housing units and other amenities such as retail stores, healthcare centers, etc. These projects feature roads and street light automation. The electric and water supply within these communities is also regulated. Township projects are gated and provide better security to the residents.

Benefits of Residing in a Township

Choosing a township over a standalone building can result in numerous benefits. You will have more amenities and fewer maintenance costs. Plus, there is a range of builders that offer Best Township in Indore. Here are a few benefits that you will experience when you buy a home in a township project.

Excellent Amenities

A wide range of amenities is one of the major factors that pull buyers in. Upon buying a house in a township, you can immediately use every extra amenity they offer such as clubhouses, gyms, pools, outdoor sports activities, etc. Some larger townships even have grocery stores and schools to make your life even easier. In addition to these amenities, the apartment complexes are roomier and you get a chance to interact with like-minded people. A township is designed to offer a better standard of living and you will experience that every day.

Top-class Infrastructure

Townships are designed to provide a better living experience to residents. Thus, the infrastructure is well-planned and built to last longer. So, if you want to buy a well-built house and enjoy a higher quality of living, choosing a township over a standalone building will be the right choice for you. The overall area is designed with the purpose of accessibility. So, you will not find any place overly crowded.

Improved Quality of Living

All the Best Townships in Indore are designed for luxury. You will have a better standard of living and a chance to connect with people. The houses come with all the necessary amenities and society has everything you need to lead a better life. You will get everything you need within the gates and there will be no need to go outside for daily chores. Also, the recreational space and many entertainment hubs will never let you get bored. 

Enhanced Security

Every township offers a secure living space where people can roam and have fun without worries. The safety measures of the township include gates, surveillance cameras, guards, and several other criteria. With these systems in place, you will feel much safer in your home and your kids will also be able to play outside with their friends. The chances of robbery and theft are considerably reduced as well. If you are looking for a secure home to raise a family, a township will be the right choice for you.

Better ROI and Scalability

Townships are not only great places to live, but they are also a better investment option. These houses are designed for premium living and offer convenience to every resident. Since they offer a better standard of living, the selling price will be far greater than standalone buildings. Not only this, but you can also expect better rental incomes from your township home and create a steady flow of income for yourself. So, if you want to grow your wealth by investing in real estate, a township will be the ideal solution for you. 

Less Maintenance Cost

Since everything is maintained by the administration of the township, the overall cost of maintenance will be cheaper. Residents will only have to pay a fixed amount every month and the administration will take care of the rest. However, you will have to bear all the maintenance expenses of a standalone house yourself. So, if you don’t want to bear an additional burden of maintenance, a standalone house will not be the right option for you.


Both standalone houses and townships are great options, but if you want a better standard of living and amenities, the township will be right for you. Now, you can find the Best Townships in Indore with Maze Buildcon. Visit the website to have a look.

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