The Residence Building

Green townships are growing around the globe. With the increase in environmental awareness, the demand for well-designed, developed, and integrated townships is increasing day by day in the Indian property market. More & more people now wish to enhance their quality of living and live in a home that brings peace and lots of happiness.

The Residence located in one of the most sought-after locations of Indore offers its residents luxury homes in Indore and green open spaces in the form of parks, playground, garden, kids play area, jogging tracks, etc.

Away from the city’s hustle-bustle, The Residence – green township in Indore provides its residents with a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. It relieves them from the chaos of city life and fulfills every need of modern living. The site offers lush greenery with seamless connectivity to all the important places like schools, hospitals, departmental stores, colleges, shopping malls, restaurants, and a lot more.

The Residence Building

In today’s era, luxury is synonymous to greenery and sustainability. Green open spaces in integrated townships bring many economic and social benefits apart from good air quality.

Following are some benefits of living in integrated townships –

Close to Nature

One of the essential advantages of living in an integrated township is that it keeps you in close proximity to nature. Vast open lush green spaces ensure fresh air to breathe in and protects you against the damaging effects of air pollution. It also offers the ultimate experience of bliss and serenity while still being well-located within the city.

Health Benefits

Green open spaces in integrated township bring many health benefits. The unique atmosphere and lush greenery encourage you to jog, walk, and run-in open spaces. This way, you can enjoy the fitness journey and be in your best state of mind and body.

Peace of Mind

Exposure to abundant greenery have greater mental benefits. Green spaces offer you the ultimate experience of peace and joy. It protects you against stress, depression, mood disorders and a lot more. 

Greater Returns on Investment

Investing in townships that are surrounded by lush greenery yields greater returns on investments. With growing mental and environmental awareness, the importance of such townships can be easily felt and understood.

The Residence Building

Along with luxury homes in Indore, The Residence offer modern & sustainable living nestled in the lap of nature. It is one of the best residential townships in Indore with modern amenities like laundromat, automatic carwash, infinity pool, mini theater, gaming zone, fully equipped gymnasium, etc. where you can enjoy with your family and be at peace.  

Ensconced amidst lush greenery, The Residence is a place where luxury meets serenity. It is the “Most Premium Residential Township of Indore” where you can enjoy luxurious lifestyle in 3, 4 BHK apartments surrounded by green spaces.

The Residence tick all the boxes of a premium green township in Indore and offer every quintessential need of quality living.  The project has set a new benchmark for luxury living and a healthier and happy lifestyle to people who call ‘The Residence’ their residence.

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