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Compared with other types of investments, real estate investment involves a relatively favorable risk/reward profile, with relatively low liquidity. The importance of property as an investment medium continues to grow. While making a decision to buy property in Indore, many buyers ask themselves how to make the right choice and here come the factors which Influence a property investment decision. A property investment decision must be painstakingly viewed as, both monetarily and in terms of the selection criteria. Let’s consider some of the most important factors while investing in real estate. This will allow you to make smarter property investment decisions and make your dream home a reality.


The aspiring homebuyers do take a good look at the locations that are the talk of the town. The location plays a vital role while finalizing a property deal. A well-placed neighborhood, proximity to amenities, peaceful conforming areas, scenic views are essential factors to consider while making a decision to buy a property. Proximity to shops, public transport network also contributes to the attractiveness of a property.

Features, size, and layout

Everyone wants the look, feel view and layout of their dwelling place to be perfect. A dream home is significantly much more than addressing needs; it’s about fulfilling and satisfying one’s wish & desire. Some may dream of waking up each morning to watch the sunset rise over a lake, while others hope for pleasant snow-topped mountains or encompassing greenery. Size of the bedrooms, balcony, spacious living rooms, architecture – all go a long way in fixing the property one wishes to invest in.

Investment Purpose

Buying a home brings pleasure to a lot of people but it is vitally important to understand what is the purpose of buying a property and prepare yourself accordingly.
Buy & Self-use Savings on rentals, the benefit of self-utilization and value appreciation
Buy & Lease Regular income and long-term value appreciation
Buy & Sell Another possibility available for buyers would be to buy a property and then sell it off.

Property taxes and land rates

You should always consider taxes and land rates when buying a property. If it is difficult to assess them precisely, you can inquire with the property tax office of the municipality and have an estimate of the amount you will have to pay. Remember that even if you find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, high property taxes could make it a poor investment choice.

Property Management

Maintenance expenses are the costs for upkeep. The cost of maintaining a property should be studied clearly before making an investment decision. The maintenance of common areas and roofing are part of the expenses that, although shared, remain significant.

Thoughtful consideration of the above-mentioned factors in mind will enable you to make a proper decision and helps to invest your money wisely.

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