Award - Most premium residential township

The Residence – Most Premium Residential Township of Indore

The Residence, one of the best townships in Indore providing luxurious lifestyle with high-end apartment amenities, has been awarded the “Most Premium Residential Township of Indore” in Virtual Entrepreneur & Excellence Unlock Awards organized by 94.3 MY FM on Sunday, July 05, 2020.

Mr. Sandeep Kapasiya, Director, The Residence, said: “It is a glorious feather in our cap.” We aim to provide a luxurious lifestyle with high-end apartment amenities for people who prefer the luxury of space. This recognition will keep us motivated to create spaces that set the tone for a classy lifestyle.

The Residence at Indore is a residence “Like No Other.” Our majestic residential towers redefine the lifestyle and skyline of Indore. The Residence provides a luxurious lifestyle with high-end apartment amenities at a location that offers the best of both worlds. Our project is located in Bicholi Mardana, one of the most sought-after areas of Indore, ensconced in peace & tranquility yet near all important destinations like schools, malls, government offices, restaurants etc.

The Residence - Luxury apartments in Indore

Our apartments encompass each and every element that sets the tone for a classy lifestyle. Our project offers 3BHK Premium, 3BHK Super Premium, 4 BHK Premium, 4BHK Super Premium apartments provides the richness of space complemented by designs that exude pure elegance and sophistication.

Our amenities exemplify the highest standards of indulgence. Within our luxury apartments, you will have access to a wide range of the amenities, including fully equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, clubhouse, mini theatre, badminton courts, skating track, and indoor game rooms.

·     Infinity Pool – Imagine taking a refreshing dip in the pool at evenings or the weekends! Exciting, isn’t? Infinity pool takes the luxury to all new heights. The pool opening up into the sky makes the whole experience of living a lot more special. It is the best place for relaxing, hanging with friends, or just getting a good swim in.

Infinity pool - High-end apartment amemities

·      Mini Theatre – No more boring evenings or weekends at home! Our township has mini-theatre for recreation and family entertainment. Catch the latest box office hits at the mini theatre with your friends and family without having to go too far.

Theater - Mini-theater at The Residence

·    Automatic Car Wash – Besides basic amenities, our township provides an automatic car wash service to ensure your dream wheel remains in dream condition.  It is a good way to be environmentally conscious. Automatic car washes are very efficient when it comes to water usage and preserve your car’s paint and finish.

Automatic car wash - Best facilities at The Residence

·  Laundromat – Laundromat service offers maximum convenience to the residents. Living in our luxury apartments means bidding goodbye to those weekly trips to the laundromat. You don’t have to lug your clothes to another location each week and wait for hours to wash and dry it all makes your life easier and gives you more time to tend to other things. 

Landromat - Luxury apartments offer laundromat service for residents

We offer modernized and luxurious living apartments with a wide range of amenities that are simply class apart. You can find here everything you need to experience life at its finest.

dedicatedworkspace for work from home

Things to Keep in Mind While Working from Home

Transitioned from working at the office to working from home? This pandemic has changed the definitive work from office culture. Working from home sure is a relaxing and pleasant experience. But you can end up in the abyss of unproductiveness if you don’t do things right. There are certain things you need to keep in mind to make work from home more enjoyable and productive. 

Working from home can be as flexible as you want it to be, but there must be a definite workspace, time table, and norms you should follow. Though it seems minor, it can affect your work productivity, concentration, and performance. Since you’re going to spend a decent amount of time working from home, even the minute details should be taken in for significant consideration.

Dedicated Workspace

Moving around your stuff and doing your work or crouched in a bed with your laptop and working? It could come off as leisure for a day or two, but you will need a dedicated workspace in the long run. With our spacious apartments, you will have ample space to create a ‘small office in the living room’ according to your needs. Look for a space in your apartment where you can be comfortable and concentrate on the work. Utilize that extra space and get yourself going!


The lighting quality at your workspace is an essential factor as it can affect your mood and well-being. The Residence apartments are adorned with windows where ample lighting enters; it is the ideal spot for you to bask with the positivity and vitamins besides working.

Work Desk

You’re going to be glued to your desk for most of the day; therefore, it is crucial to organize and enhance it with extra accessories that compliment your personality and mind. An appealing desk would make your long working hours less burdensome and reduce stress. One should be mindful of their posture while they work. Right posture will help keep bones and joints in straight alignment, ensuring the muscles are used effectively.

Taking Breaks at Work

Sitting at the desk and working for long hours can be tedious. Once you reach the threshold, the productivity starts diminishing. Hence, it’s necessary to get away from your desk every once and refresh your mind. Once you start feeling worn out, get up, take a stroll in the garden, go to the balcony, and fill yourself with aesthetic nature.

balcony for taking breaks

Exercise and Meditation

We are most productive when our body and mind are at ease. Working for a long stretch can take a toll on your physical as well as mental health.

With our well-equipped gymnasium, you will never have to worry about keeping yourself fit. You can take a stroll in our garden whenever you want to take your mind off from your work or relax and meditate.

Engage in Fun Activities

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. All cooped up in your workspace? Rejuvenate yourself by engaging in outdoor games like cricket, badminton, squash, basketball, and even shooting all in one place. The Residence has different courts for all these games and sports, making sure you don’t compromise with your skills and fun.

You can imply that your surroundings play a major role in your work life. These are just some of the requisites for optimum productivity and good work from home lifestyle. Work-life dominates the major part of one’s life, and The Residence makes sure you relish it rather than endure it. 

the residence township

8 Reasons To Own A Luxury Apartment In Indore

Luxury apartment living is transforming into a fantastic hit. With the boom in modernization and the developments in the real estate industry, people are now seeing the advantage of living in a luxury apartment, rather than an independent house. The land costs, housing costs, rising population, and the requirement for better security homes are some of the key components that have drive people away from owning an independent (row/villa) house in Indore.

People are saying goodbye to the conventional myths of independent living, and seeing the actual benefits of apartment living. Here are 8 reasons for owning a luxury apartment in Indore:

1. Security It is the most significant perspective that is being considered by families when purchasing an apartment. Many of the apartments require some authentication to enter. Most developers are providing equipment such as CCTV, touch panels, and security alarms for apartments, and this offers peace of mind for all.

At The Residence, we will provide CCTV in common areas like the main entrance, elevators, staircase, parking, and common lobbies. Also, the premise will have a digital lock system on every door like thumb impression, password system, key system, and card system. Keeping in mind luxury along with security, we make sure to install the most trusted brands like Yale. There will be security guards placed at key areas within the premises.
2. Amenities

No one takes the pain to build infinity pools, mini theater, and gym for their houses. Within our luxury apartments, you will have access to a wide range of the best amenities, including a swimming pool, secure car spaces, clubhouse, fully equipped gymnasium, badminton courts, skating track, and indoor game rooms. Multipurpose hall allows people to use them for social gatherings and family functions, thereby helping them maintain relations with the neighborhood. The double heighted lobby of the Clubhouse looks magnificent by itself. All common indoor areas like the lobby and hallways are laid out in beautiful double charge Vitrified Tiles (800mm x 800mm).

3. Fixtures & Fittings
The installation and finishing of all the fixtures play an important role in making the homes look classy. Apartments at The Residence are equipped with high quality fittings and fixtures –

  • Fenesta windows transform the façade of your house and keep out heat, pollution, dust, and noise.
  • Legrand electrical switches with sockets, Havells fan regulators, and Finolex cables enhance the overall aesthetic value of the apartment.
  • Teak wood doors give modern look to your apartment that will complement pleasing shades of Cream/Perl color in the best way.
  • Carysil sink with a granite slab gives a classy and modern look to your kitchen.
  • Queo bathroom products and fittings make your bathing experience truly exquisite.

A luxurious living experience, in the true sense, isn’t just the location or builds quality, but also an eye for details at micro levels to fittings and fixtures—all with the vision to provide you a home that is luxurious on its own.

4. Maintenance

The hardest part of keeping up and maintaining an individual house is maintenance. Typically, every home faces issues related to power or plumbing. With a luxury apartment, the technician is at your doorstep, well equipped to assist your needs.
5. Community

Living in a luxurious residential community can help create a sense of comradery that allows you to feel more relaxed and enjoy your home life. You have more chances to meet new people, and you can rest assured that people within the community have a lifestyle similar to yours. These are light-minded people with whom you can form connections & friendships.
6. Sustainability
People believed that independent houses are more spacious than an apartment; that is no longer true. At The Residence, we have apartments ranging from 1500 SQ-FT to 3688SQ-FT for 3 BHK Premiums and 4 BHK Super Premiums and 3184 SQ-FT to 4878 SQ-FT for duplex.

With this range, you can rest assured that you can have a sustainable living space for your family.
7. Best ROI
When you buy a luxury apartment, it’s not only an apartment; it’s a lifestyle. A luxury apartment is consistently the best venture; if ever you decide to shift home, luxury apartment guarantees you the best return on investment then an independent house.
8. Location
Our project is located in Bicholi Mardana. Amidst, some great shopping malls and arcades. This area is well connected by all major routes, including the By-Pass Road.

Bicholi Mardana, Indore, is one of the upcoming areas in Indore with regards to connectivity, malls, government offices, and restaurants. The largest district court of Madhya Pradesh is also going to be built near the passport office.Are you looking for the Luxury Apartment in Indore? There’s no reason to wait to make your dream come true; Maze Buildcon offers modernized and luxurious living apartments at their new project “The Residence” in Indore.
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The Residence of Indulgence

The Life of Luxury, Laughter and Nature is the Heart of the Bicholi Mardana (Indore) Lifestyle

Come home to a project that is a new metaphor for luxury – The Residence in Bicholi Mardana (Indore). Here you enjoy the most elegant contemporary lifestyle blessed with the timeless appeal of nature. All the luxuries of the apartment building have been sensitively woven into its landscape, including a grand clubhouse.

Our clubhouse is a definition of grandeur and offers facilities that are simply class apart.


Discover friendships and rekindle old ones at the clubhouse banquet hall that can bring a joy to your life.

It has a state-of-the-art squash court and a shooting range to keep you in physical and mental shape.

Our amenities exemplify the highest standards of indulgence. Take for example, the infinity pool on the 9th floor, step into it and you will know how it feels to be on the cloud.

Challenge yourself and test your game skills at amazing gaming zone.

Enjoy movie nights with your loved ones at your very own private theatre.

A safe play area for your little ones and their buddies.

Many approaches to stay fit at your own gymnasium with Sauna and Steam.

Deliver a spotless and glossy car in a little more than five minutes.

Let’s have fun and build community.

Discover friendships and rekindle old ones at the clubhouse multipurpose hall.

Choose a pool for a refreshing swim or exercise your brain with a game of chess. Get your adrenaline pumping at the gym, watch the most recent blockbuster, or host the most popular talked-about parties at any of the elegant banquet halls.

The Residence – is a new metaphor for luxury. In the heart of Bicholi Mardana (Indore), it is the place to lead a life of unparalleled lavishness. Be among the privileged few who will call ‘The Residence’ their residence.

the residence in indore

High-End Apartment Amenities Your Residents Will Love

Want to increase resident retention and satisfaction? Time to think about providing some qualities of luxury High-End apartment amenities. Many luxury apartment buildings are offering increasingly lavish amenities to attract tenants, from the rooftop pool to the outdoor movie theater so that people are gravitating toward places that offer “hotel-like living in their home”.
The Residence provides high-end apartment amenities listed below that add plenty of convenience for residents, whether it be in the form of a fully equipped gymnasium or an infinity pool opening up into the sky. Here are the top 7 Qualities of Luxury High-End Apartment Amenities which your buyers and renters will love.

Infinity Pool

Imagine taking a refreshing dip in your own pool in the evenings or at the weekends! Exciting, isn’t? Infinity pools have become the favorite spot for children and grownups alike. Infinity pool opening up into the sky has its own high making the whole experience of living a lot more special.
swimming pool of High end amenity

Fully Equipped Gymnasium with Sauna and Steam
Fitness is a new luxury now. A Well equipped gymnasium suited for all types of gym users with the latest gym equipment that suits every individual’s needs with sauna and steam rooms for relaxation purposes.

Gym at High end amenity

Gaming Zone

If you thought gaming is supposed to be a child`s play, think again! Challenge yourself and test your game skills at our amazing Gaming Zone where you can play pool and board games. A casual game of pick-up basketball or squash court is a great way for residents to build community. Your residents will love having access to sports facilities such as squash, badminton or basketball courts, cricket net with a bowling machine.
Gaming Zone at High end amenity

Mini Theater

Apart from these basic amenities, a movie theater or screening room is a simple yet entertaining amenity to add to a property. The Residence has mini-theater for recreation and family entertainment which will be well-loved by residents.
Mini Theatre at High end amenity

Automatic Car Wash

The Residence also has an automatic car wash service, which is fully automated and reduces your manpower and amplifies your efficiency. This automatic car wash machine is equipped to deliver a spotless and glossy car in a little more than five minutes.
Car Wash at High end amenity

Skating Track
The Residence also features a large skating track where kids get to do what they like to do more than anything in the world – hang out with friends and listen to music. It also provides a great way to exercise.

Shooting Range
The Residence has a shooting range for all who want to have an electrifying experience of shooting a target either for enjoyment or in order to improve their shooting skills.

Presenting “The Residence”, one of the best apartments in Indore providing a luxurious lifestyle with high-end apartment amenities for people who prefer the luxury of space.

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