Top 6 Must Have In Your Locality

Your house is the most significant investment you’ll ever make. A new location can mean various things to various people. Selecting the right home for you and your family is a big choice and choosing the right location is as important as the home itself.
Researching the right location can be challenging. To assist you in making the right decision, let’s take a look at a few things to consider when thinking about what to look for in a new home’s location.

1 Neighborhood
Different neighborhoods have different characteristics. A safe neighborhood should be your top most priority when it comes to buying a house. If you have kids, you may want to consider a community with lots of young families and children. The neighborhood can significantly influence how happy you are in your new home. Look for a community that suits your family’s lifestyle and personality.

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If you have children or plan to start a family, buying a house in a area with excellent public schools should be an essential factor to think about before you buy a home. Agarwal Public School is one of the premier institutions in Indore near “The Residence,” by Maze Buildcon providing quality education that aims to establish itself as one of the leading schools in India.

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Your home is the foundation of your life, and you need it to be safe, which is a top consideration for most home buyers. An online search will reveal facts and statistics that can tell you everything you need to know about the safety of any given neighborhood or part of town.
When looking at various areas, here are some things to consider:

  • What are the crime stats in the neighborhood?
  • Do the neighbors feel safe?

Don’t buy home without checking nearer crime statistics.

Public Services
Passport offices, police stations and other public safety services have become an essential part of our lives. Nearby public safety services provide security to individuals. Choosing a location where there are chances for such developmental projects increases your property value by a lot. If you have government offices near your home, then it will be a benefit for you. The largest court of Madhya Pradesh is to be built near “The Residence” in Bicholi Mardana very close to the passport office, which will spread over 23 acres.

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Medical Services
“Location matters because of convenience.” The individual’s perspective for having any hospital close to home is that the closer the hospital is to the home, the more likely the individual is to receive immediate emergency care when required. So it is essential to choose the right location for your home. Akash Hospital strives to provide the best medical care with an experienced team of doctors. It is within a distance of 100-150 m from “The Residence.” We also have M.Y. Hospital and Suyash Hospital within 10-15 minutes from “The Residence”.

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These include necessary facilities such as grocery stores, banks and lifestyle options such as restaurants, parks, libraries, coffee shops, fitness studios and others. Think about the lifestyle you are looking to live and start your search in areas. For example, the closer the restaurants, the faster the delivery!

As you can see, there are some important things to consider when thinking about your new home’s location. But if you keep these things in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect place for your new home. There’s no reason to wait to make your dream into a reality.

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High-End Apartment Amenities Your Residents Will Love

Want to increase resident retention and satisfaction? Time to think about providing some qualities of luxury High-End apartment amenities. Many luxury apartment buildings are offering increasingly lavish amenities to attract tenants, from the rooftop pool to the outdoor movie theater so that people are gravitating toward places that offer “hotel-like living in their home”.
The Residence provides high-end apartment amenities listed below that add plenty of convenience for residents, whether it be in the form of a fully equipped gymnasium or an infinity pool opening up into the sky. Here are the top 7 Qualities of Luxury High-End Apartment Amenities which your buyers and renters will love.

Infinity Pool

Imagine taking a refreshing dip in your own pool in the evenings or at the weekends! Exciting, isn’t? Infinity pools have become the favorite spot for children and grownups alike. Infinity pool opening up into the sky has its own high making the whole experience of living a lot more special.
swimming pool of High end amenity

Fully Equipped Gymnasium with Sauna and Steam
Fitness is the new luxury now. A Well equipped gymnasium suited for all types of gym users with the latest gym equipment that suits every individual’s needs with sauna and steam rooms for relaxation purpose.

Gym at High end amenity

Gaming Zone

If you thought gaming is supposed to be a child`s play, think again! Challenge yourself and test your game skills at our amazing Gaming Zone where you can play pool and board games. A casual game of pick-up basketball or squash court is a great way for residents to build community. Your residents will love having access to sports facilities such as squash, badminton or basketball courts, cricket net with bowling machine.
Gaming Zone at High end amenity

Mini Theater

Apart from these basic amenities, a movie theater or screening room is a simple yet entertaining amenity to add to a property. The Residence has mini-theater for recreation and family entertainment which will be well-loved by residents.
Mini Theatre at High end amenity

Automatic Car Wash

The Residence also has an automatic car wash service, which is fully automated and reduces your manpower and amplifies your efficiency. This automatic car wash machine is equipped to deliver a spotless and glossy car in a little more than five minutes.
Car Wash at High end amenity

Skating Track
The Residence also features a large skating track where kids get to do what they like to do more than anything in the world – hang out with friends and listen to music. It also provides a great way to exercise.

Shooting Range
The Residence has a shooting range for all who want to have an electrifying experience of shooting a target either for enjoyment or in order to improve their shooting skills.

Presenting “The Residence”, one of the best apartments in Indore providing a luxurious lifestyle with high-end apartment amenities for people who prefer the luxury of space.

Master Plan

Factors That may Influence A Property Investment Decision

Compared with other types of investments, real estate investment involves a relatively favorable risk/reward profile, with relatively low liquidity. The importance of property as an investment medium continues to grow. While making a decision to buy property in Indore, many buyers ask themselves how to make the right choice and here come the factors which Influence a property investment decision. A property investment decision must be painstakingly viewed as, both monetarily and in terms of the selection criteria. Let’s consider some of the most important factors while investing in real estate. This will allow you to make smarter property investment decisions and make your dream home a reality.


The aspiring homebuyers do take a good look at the locations that are the talk of the town. The location plays a vital role while finalizing a property deal. A well-placed neighborhood, proximity to amenities, peaceful conforming areas, scenic views are essential factors to consider while making a decision to buy a property. Proximity to shops, public transport network also contributes to the attractiveness of a property.

Features, size, and layout

Everyone wants the look, feel view and layout of their dwelling place to be perfect. A dream home is significantly much more than addressing needs; it’s about fulfilling and satisfying one’s wish & desire. Some may dream of waking up each morning to watch the sunset rise over a lake, while others hope for pleasant snow-topped mountains or encompassing greenery. Size of the bedrooms, balcony, spacious living rooms, architecture – all go a long way in fixing the property one wishes to invest in.

Investment Purpose

Buying a home brings pleasure to a lot of people but it is vitally important to understand what is the purpose of buying a property and prepare yourself accordingly.
Buy & Self-use Savings on rentals, the benefit of self-utilization and value appreciation
strong>Buy & Lease
Regular income and long-term value appreciation
Buy & Sell Another possibility available for buyers would be to buy a property and then sell it off.

Property taxes and land rates

You should always consider taxes and land rates when buying a property. If it is difficult to assess them precisely, you can inquire with the property tax office of the municipality and have an estimate of the amount you will have to pay. Remember that even if you find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, high property taxes could make it a poor investment choice.

Property Management

Maintenance expenses are the costs for upkeep. The cost of maintaining a property should be studied clearly before making an investment decision. The maintenance of common areas and roofing are part of the expenses that, although shared, remain significant.

Thoughtful consideration of the above-mentioned factors in mind will enable you to make a proper decision and helps to invest your money wisely.

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