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Buying a home is a significant decision in everyone’s life. This decision requires a ton of effort and planning. From financial management to visit the site, you will be faced with many choices. However, one of the constants most home buyers face is whether they should invest in a row house or an apartment. There are many standpoints to consider when faced with this decision, and you should consider everything before making a final choice. From cost, space, and amenities to maintenance and size of the family. You should examine everything before you move forward and seal the deal. If you are confused between buying an apartment or an independent row house, this guide is for you. We will discuss everything about both choices and assist you in making an informed choice.

What is An Apartment?

Apartments are considered the most popular type of property, this property is built with modern-day amenities, contemporary looks, better security, and so much more. Apartments are considered a better option for self-use, renting, and investment purposes. Residents can customize the apartment similar to an independent house, and the life of an apartment is also considered decent.

What is A Row House?

An independent house, on the other hand, is ideal for privacy lovers. Rowhouse is perfect for people who want an independent property but don’t want the hassle of construction. You can find premium units within secure communities with both shared and individual amenities. One of the significant benefits of independent houses is customization. Owners can control the design and architecture of the house. They can even add additional floors in the future and expand the space. Also, land has excellent appreciation potential, and the resale value can be extremely high if the house is kept for the long term.

Apartment vs House: Major Differences 

When making a choice between an apartment and a row house, you should consider all crucial factors. Below we have compared both of these options that will clear your doubts and make a choice.


One of the first things you must consider before making a choice is the size of the family. Several buyers prefer the option of independent houses if they have a big or joint family. Having an independent house will give them more space and an additional alternative to expand wherever they want. On the other hand, nuclear families prefer buying an apartment. Since the family is small, they require less space and prefer buying apartments over independent houses. Couples that are just starting a family prefer going with an independent house. They favor raising a family in a suburban and secure lifestyle and want to have an option of expanding space without having to relocate.


This is a defining factor for most buyers and a primary reason for the raging debate behind Apartment vs house. Constructing an independent house will definitely cost you more than buying an apartment. In addition to this, there are additional costs with an independent house like the price of the plot, fees for government approvals, etc., which makes it a more expensive option. Apartments, on the other hand, are not as expensive. Since all the additional cost is incurred by the builder, owners will only have to pay the listed price to acquire the property. If you are considering a loan when purchasing a house, lenders and banks sanction loans faster on an apartment. Thus, an apartment will be an ideal choice if you have decided to apply for a loan.

Living Space 

This is a significant difference between an apartment and an independent house. Buyers can find apartments in different spaces, but still, an apartment is considered more compact than an independent house. A row house offers more space to the owners and is considered more suitable for huge families. The apartment follows a fixed floor plan, but an independent house provides the freedom of choice. Thus, you can design it according to your preference. You should assess your requirements and then make a choice. If you want to tailor your living space and have an option to expand it in the future, an independent house would be a more ideal choice. However, if you want to reside in a fixed space, and also keep your house clutter-free then, an apartment might be best for you.


Maintenance is crucial to increase the house or apartment’s life span. Thus, you should always consider the maintenance charges if cost is a deciding factor for you. All homeowners will agree that maintaining an apartment is much easier and cheaper than keeping up an independent house. A rowhouse will need an effort on your part and will be expensive as well. Since apartments are often maintained by developers, the maintenance of apartments is hassle-free as well. However, you will have to run around and hire professional help to keep up your house. This will cost your time, money, and effort.


Last but not the least, amenities are also a factor when making a choice. Different amenities are available with both options. Apartments are often available with better and 24-hour security, waste management systems. Maintenance and cleaning staff, and a backup generator. A rowhouse will not have the following benefits. But, you always have the option to seek out all these amenities by paying for them in full. However, if you get these amenities for yourself, you can manage the quality and ensure their complete focus is only on managing your house.

All these factors are critical to consider when deciding between independent houses and row houses. An apartment is a better option if you are looking for a small living space on a budget. However, a row house is perfect for large families who want complete privacy and control. Modern buyers who don’t want to be bothered with the maintenance and hassle. Thus they look for built-in apartments. If you are looking for Top Luxury Apartments in Indore, you can browse the properties offered by Maze Buildcon. We offer the best range of independent houses and Apartments in Indore and can assist you in your property search. Contact us today to find your dream home.

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