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Residential spaces world over are moving to sustainable ways of living with high-rise buildings to be at the forefront in terms of green credentials. GOI (Government of India) has launched several smart development initiatives to encourage the inclusion of sustainability in daily Indian lives. Smart Cities Mission and Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation have played an instrumental role in aligning infrastructure with energy efficiency to achieve sustainability in the approach.

Extensive recycling programs, arrays of solar panels, better insulation, use of natural light and efficient waste management systems in the real estate sector stand testimony to these initiatives.

In the hope of a better future, we as developers have adopted the following sustainable solutions for the environment.

Taking The Solar Route

Solar architecture has become a reality for numerous developers who are concerned about making their business sustainable. The installation of solar panels offers many benefits. These are high durability, zero emissions, and low to zero maintenance costs with a substantial reduction of carbon footprint in addition to the green benefits in terms of money. Several solar technologies are available that can be incorporated in residence design, the most valuable being – Passive Solar. Passive Solar aids in the maximization of natural lighting instead of electricity.

Sustainable design has gone beyond being just cost-effective; it is quickly embracing the role of responsible design. While the creation of functional spaces is given most importance, so is enhancing the resident’s experience. Thus, it becomes vital for introducing greener technologies by way of recycling, repurposing & increasing the scope of energy efficiency. Every single step taken here is a welcome move towards immeasurable growth while maintaining an ecological balance.

Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality
We have always adhered to the principle of enhancing Indoor Environmental Quality. It covers strategies we put in place to provide excellent acoustical, thermal, and visual qualities which have a significant impact on health, comfort, and productivity. Our goal is to offer not just a roof over your head but space where you can be at peace and spend time with your family.
Some of the attributes that we have considered and worked on in our project “The Residence” at Bicholi Mardana, Indore are –

  • Maximize Daylight –Fenesta windows provide more natural light and keeps away heat and radiations from sunlight.
  • Proper Ventilation –
    Well ventilated rooms create the perfect ambience to spend a great deal of time indoors.
  • Moisture control –
    Moisture control is essential for more comfortable and energy-efficient home.
  • Use of low- or no-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products

Waste management and Water Conservation

In line with the Municipal authorities and the groundbreaking waste management system that Indore is proud to showcase, we also do our part by managing waste and conserving water to accomplish sustainability.

An efficient waste management system is one of the most important aspects of sustainability. In order to minimize the risk to the environment, economically feasible solutions are sought for the treatment of solid waste.

Even at the time of construction, we keep in mind aspects such as reducing, controlling, or treating site runoff, designing and constructing the homes to conserve water used inside and outside, and minimizing leaks by ensuring proper inspections during construction.

These are just snippets of how we help to build a sustainable future for generations to come. We at “The Residence” not only offer luxury but also keep nature at mind. If you would like to know more, feel free to mail us at or call us on for a detailed discussion.

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